Sunday, 20 January 2019

What are your stats?

What are your stats? (and do they even matter to you?) after chatting in another forum about stats of published to taken images I thought I could go back through my library and work it out. I've kept an active library since 1998 and have 142979 images in it. Of those, I've published each year. A very small number have ended up in books, magazines, more on websites, blogs and social networking. Since 1998 I've published 9564 images. Which is about 6.5%. Only 6.5% of my images have I been happy enough with to publish. I thought I'd do a chart of year by year. The blue part is the images created that year. The red part is the images published that year.

You can certainly see where social networking came along around 2008 along with the community and friendships of that ramped up my photography. The stats are a little artificial because I don't count when I might have shot 10 to bracket into a single HDR for example. It does show that the percentage of my shots published reached 13% in 2011/12/13 which equated to the heydey of Google+.

My percentage stayed similar although overall numbers declined until around the beginning of this year where I changed camera platforms (FF to m4/3) and my published percentage has also dropped while I've learnt the new beast and its weird and wonderful ways - it could also be I've been much busier this year (I have) and have become more discerning (I have).

Anyway, these stats don't really mean very much but to me they're interesting because I know the context behind them.

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