Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sharpness Isn't Everything

Sharpness Isn't Everything
Today I want to talk about sharp, or lack of it. I read a post today which annoyed me a bit. A photographer that I respect and follow talked about how sharpness is the most important part of image creation. I once thought this too but as I've progressed on my journey I've learnt that it isn't all about sharp. When you're documenting a scene sharp makes it forensic. You can see every detail and people may be left wondering what your subject is. In comes blur to the rescue, on this image of the tram (trolley) I shot on a recent visit to San Francisco the blur makes my subject immediately obvious. The blur removes all the distractions.

At night you can end up with the most amazing bokeh out of your blur.

Is blur right fit every shot? Well no, it can certainly be overdone but don't become obsessed at the other end of the spectrum of super sharp either. Somewhere in the middle you'll find your happy spot.

Decide what your subject is in your composition, then decide how much of them should be in focus and set accordingly. Use the blur creatively.

Using a large aperture like f/2.8 gives very little depth of field and a small aperture like f/16 gives you heaps. Note on most cameras going beyond f/16 is generally pointless. Someplace between the two is the sweet spot. Experiment and decide what you like. It is all about you. You're the artist.

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