Sunday, 20 January 2019

I had a great first day with Olympus today, yesterday afterprocrastinating for a long time I made the jump from...

I had a great first day with Olympus today, yesterday after procrastinating for a long time I made the jump from full frame on the Canon 5dii to a micro four thirds (mft) Oly OM-D E-M1. Here are my observations...
1 menus and controls - really intuitive, I've not needed the manual for any basics
2 it has better dynamic range than the 5d when there is more shadow than highlights or vice versa but not when there is both at the same time, then it favours the shadows
3 it loves red, the Canon loved blue
4 I learnt some of its limitations with sidewise panning
5 it's six way image stabilisation in the body is amazing, I can hand hold with a usable image down to 1/16th and for macro 1/100th
6 it's battery lasts longer than I thought it would
7 it's really easy to connect to my phone for remote control and/or sharing
8 it's built in hdr is like lightning and is works fine hand held even with moving subjects
9 the 14-42 M. zuiko is stunning from close focus macro to portrait to moving subjects to landscape it takes the lot in its stride
10 I need to get the comp right in camera more as the 16mb raw doesn't give you as much play latitude as the 21mb
11 going back to crop is fine, it's a simple 2x factor, easy to deal with
12 I don't always need to use the viewfinder
13 that tilting screen opens new compositional doors

Really nice unit Olympus AU​

last thing, changing brands is a huge step with a huge learning process, but remember no, matter what the basics don't change. Physics stays the same.

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