Sunday, 20 January 2019

Trying out new tools.

Trying out new tools. I'm having a play with the public beta of Affinity Photo for Windows It's been around for a while on Mac and is the go to for many people who don't use Photoshop. Obviously I need to learn the tool but I wanted to do a quick comparison using the same RAW from my Oly E-M1 of this girl zombie. The left image is processed in in Affinity and the right is processed in LR using my normal zombie pop preset and some tweaking. Out of fairness since I don't know the tool I gave myself 10 minutes in Affinity then 1 minute in Lightroom. The left image is from Affinity the right from Lightroom. As a first hit the product is swish looking and I suspect if I was more of a photoshop user (I'm not) then I'd be able to drive it better. Either way I think I achieved a workable outcome with Affinity and would be able to do much better given time so it's worth a play if you're looking for a RAW editor and don't want to head down the Adobe subscription path. The beta is free currently and if it's priced like the Mac version be sub $100 for Australians.

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