Saturday, 26 October 2013

#Melbourneunearthed an open photography project

Melbourne Unearthed or #melbourneunearthed as it's known to the participants is a monthly photography project that shall run indefinitely until the participants don't want to do it anymore.

It's a free project where people can enter and leave at will, post with a +Mention  +Paul Pavlinovich at any time to join or leave the project and you'll be added or removed from the circle. The project includes events such as photowalks and workshops in some months around the theme.

When you join the circle is shared to you - it's entirely up to you what you do with it. You might add the people in their own circle to interact with them or not - it's up to you. Personally I have them in a circle that I keep silent.

The project is very simple - towards the end of each month an event is created for only the project members to add their image to. Around the same time the theme for the next month is announced. On or about the 1st of the month the previous month's theme event is shared publicly with the add photos option turned off so people outside the project can't add anything. It also helps prevent a backlog where people feel they "have" to catch up.

The project is specifically no pressure, you can join or leave at any time. If you don't feel like contributing an image or don't have time during any month that's fine. Simply don't do it. You won't be hassled or bombarded. Only the event creation and theme announcement posts are done with notify. Only the theme for this month and the next are known at any time (even I don't know what the next one is until something occurs to me or someone suggests something) so there is no need for forward planning.

Ideally you would live in or at least have a love for Melbourne and it's preferred but not mandatory that your images are shot in or near Melbourne. This isn't a hard rule though, in the current theme there is an image from Thailand for example. Perfectly valid and fits the theme as it's a Melbournite travelling abroad.

The current themes are:
October - "travel"
November "spring carnival" and there is a photowalk for this one

People on the project comment on each others images and where it is requested will offer help or criticism if it is desired. It is a very supportive project and while it's young I see great things and people have commented that they are getting out and shooting more than they would have which is excellent.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Releasing my images under Creative Commons?

For years I've been publishing my images online with the copyright statement of "All rights reserved".  When asked I've allowed people to use my images on a non commercial basis. From time to time people have used them without asking and I've had to try to get them to take them down or pay for the use or grant them belated permission depending on the circumstances.

I've been thinking of releasing my images under a Creative Commons license, specifically "Attribution-Non Commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported" which when translated means that my images may be used non commercially providing they are attributed to me and are unchanged (no derivative works). They cannot be used commercially without making an arrangement direct with me.

I'm about 80% certain on this and I called for opinions on g+. The majority were supportive, one personal +Michael Tucker even pointed out that the Australian CC was developed locally with Queensland University.

This might be the next step in my journey as a photographer and might free me from worrying about people taking my images and using them without permission  because they will implicitly already have permission.

The one thing that holds me back is that I cannot put caveats on the use of the images, for example I would not want them used politically, for religious purposes or in promotion of poor society causes.


I decided to release under CC some time ago and it's a bit of a stress reliever to be honest. All the little image thieves who use the image for their own purposes I can ignore because they're allowed to use them now. It's the commercial ones I can attack :). Read the blog where I talk about it.

New Year Photo - A new photography project

Hi all, in recent times there have been several large world wide photowalks and events that have become very commercial and have forgotten the purpose - photography and our enjoyment of it at any level that we may choose with whatever device we may choose.

So... I'm announcing a new world wide event New Year Photo 2014 - even though my influence on g+ is small compared to the massive players - maybe we can make a go of this, I'd love people to start sharing this and see how we go. Maybe some of the massive players might like to share it without commercialising to help get it going. More information and announcements will be found on the page +New Year Photo on Google+.

Most of us will go to new year parties or events or have the day off work on new year's day.

Photowalk Option

I'd love you to organise or attend a photowalk in your local area or city anywhere in the world.

Photo Story Option

Post images from your New Year celebrations telling a story. This could be about your celebrations or perhaps resolutions. Anything that tells a story without words.

New Year Self Portrait Option

Show us how you feel about yourself. Reveal your inner you.

Year In Photos Option

Post an album of images summarising your year in photography - or a year from your or someone else's life.

Community Photo Exhibition Option

Grab a public hall and invite your local photographers to exhibit their work. Become known in your community. Try your local high school for support and youth photographers. Share your experience in photos.

Community Story Option

A series of images that depict your community at the end of beginning of the new year.

Indigenous Story Option

How are the indigenous people of your country faring in your local community - offer a set of images. Sometimes they might be people you'd never expect - one of my best mates who shares a local youth leadership role with me is part aboriginal - spending time with him changed my views totally. Seek them out and get involved. Share what you find.

Multicultural Option

A series of images showing the multicultural side of your community at the end of beginning of the new year. This will be a cool one to track over the years.

Thanks to +Hendrik Ebber for helping jell these ideas. If you've got other ideas, don't hesitate to share them - lets make this project as my friend +Charles Strebor would say #doubleplusgrand

You don't celebrate New Year on 1st January?

Photographer +Victor Bezrukov tactfully reminded me that not everyone celebrates the new year with the ticking over of the year. Various cultures celebrate at other times for cultural or religious reasons. I don't see this as an issue, simply contribute to the project when it works for you. We all stand to live and learn from each other and I look forward to the results at differing times of year.


Why will this be special? Simple, it's all photography. No prizes (unless you want to do something locally). No commercial promotion. No sponsorship. No one person's name you have to circulate or circle (you will need to follow this page for updates) to get in on the event. No limits on your walk beyond your ability and imagination. No registrations. I don't want anyone's personal details and neither should you.

I'm hopeful that community spirit is still alive and well and the commercialisation isn't necessary for a successful annual walk project.

If you think this is a good idea please comment on the post, if you share it encourage people to comment on this source post so I get a feel for if it's worth going ahead.

If you'd like to be a walk organiser please let me know your city/locality so I can start to prepare a list. If you'd like to help coordinate then please let me know that too.

Prove to me that g+ really is still about community - please!

Brought to you by +Paul Pavlinovich and I hope a lot of others, otherwise I'll go back to hiding under my rock :).