Sunday, 20 January 2019

#learningphotography Post Procesing

#learningphotography  Post Procesing

We've all got shots that in our mind looked great but in reality are dull and boring. Here's what I did to adjust one of them today using Lightroom. The image on the left is the original boring one and the one on the right has some colour, form and pop with the glass insulators glowing with the light. I didn't have to do very much to this to make it happen.

I boosted the contrast + 38
shadows + 76 to bring up the pole detail and texture
clarity + 50 to reinforce the texture (I normally wouldn't go this high)
vibrance + 62 to reinforce the colour in that gray sky
I brought down all the reds and yellows and boosted the blues and aquas leaving the other colours alone
I sharpened very slightly to counter what I was about to do then did some noise reduction to counter what all the texture enhancing changes had done
Finally I popped on a bit of a vignette
Automatic changes (already applied to every image) are lens profile corrections and chromatic aberration removal.

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