Sunday, 20 January 2019

The exposure triangle - Iso/shutter/aperture

The exposure triangle - Iso/shutter/aperture

When I first read the blog post of Mark Galer I thought - why would you do that? Why wouldn't you set a reasonable ISO and change the shutter speed to suit the light so you can retain your chosen depth of field - in this case f8 the "I don't care" dof which is good at keeping most things in a scene in focus as long as you're not too close to your subject.

My thinking comes from growing up with film, where once the film was in the camera the ISO was set by the fixed ISO of the film (unless you were going to use different chemistry - but that still needed to be done on a whole roll).

Mark's thought of leaving the aperture and shutter speed corners of the exposure triangle fixed and only changing the ISO is perfectly reasonable in the digital era. Quite a lot of bodies will automatically adjust the ISO for you to keep your fixed aperture and shutter settings.

As always in photography I keep learning too - this is a technique to have a play with and use in addition to your other methods.

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