Sunday, 20 January 2019

A great ND example from Ana Andres explains the concept in 2 secondsflat.

A great ND example from Ana Andres explains the concept in 2 seconds flat.

Originally shared by Ana Andres

Daytime long exposure at Baker Beach

High neutral density filters allow for very very very long exposure times, even in broad daylight!! The filter I used here, an ND 3 (10 stops) lets through only about one thousandth of the light, that is 0.1%!! Hence I was able to shoot the San Francisco Golden Gate from Baker Beach at 3pm in the afternoon and get a 25 second exposure!

Check out my latest Physics & Photography post to read about what type of photographs I like to take using neutral density filters and the physics behind the large colour cast of very opaque high ND filters.

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