Monday, 10 March 2014

Every now and then I try new things in my digital workflow. Normally for injestion into my catalog of images I use Ingestamatic by Marc Rochkind

It does cool things like apply different meta data to what every image(s) I want in whatever order and position I want. It has all my presets so I can import depending on the style of shoot etc. It makes a second copy in logically named folders for the date and shoot name. It converts to DNG and sets up everything nicely for synchronising with lightroom.

I thought I'd give Lightroom 5 a go for importing to see if it had improved over LR4. Has it? Bluntly no. It kind of does everything I do with Ingestamatic in new annoying ways that mean manual work afterwards.

  1. It's second copy (import backup) does go into a nominated folder but it's got a generic name "Imported on Monday, 10 March 2014" instead of 2014-03-10-urbexpowerstation which is the date of the shoot and shoot name so immediately the backup is useless, it's lost it's connection to the shoot. Everything imported today is all lumped in together in one folder. It's basically just a copy of the card data. This is not configurable.
  2. I've got it set to make the folder name based on the shoot name, but it doesn't. It just has the date. Bug. This is configurable but not working and I have to rename the folder on disk and re-associate it with the folder in the catalog.

It does have some advantages over Marc's app - it's DNG conversion and the copy are done simultaneously and is MUCH faster and it seems to support a card full of images where as Marc's app manages about 350 or so at a time with 16GB of RAM.

I think I'll wait for LR to improve further before using it. I don't want the manual rework and the opportunities of lost backups.

If you've never tried Ingestamtic give it a crack. If you don't understand the concepts of Ingestion and Digital Asset Management then read about my workflow on my site

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