Tuesday, 16 July 2013

#LoveYourWork - An organic introduction to photographers

When g+ first awakened we all shared these massive circles of people. We quickly built up circles that we were following. That was a mistake. I'm still cleaning out crap from those days. Inactive people. People who just post rubbish.

Since I've got a pretty decent bunch of followers, many of whom interact with me, I thought I'd start paying it forward and each day I'm going to introduce a photographer that has found me, or that I've found that has a decent amount of good images in their stream and appears to be a good g+ community citizen. In short someone who I've circled. I call this my #loveyourwork project.

I'm going to do this with the hash tag #loveyourwork to recognise their efforts and positive behaviour.

These are people that I think you should take a look at and perhaps if you appreciate their work, you can circle them too.

Consider doing the same thing and use the #loveyourwork tag as well. I'm looking forward to who you've found. If you choose to do so, please plus mention me +Paul Pavlinovich so I get to see them.

Update 02 Aug - This is fantastic only a bit more than a week since I launched this idea it's started to take off with more and more people doing it. People are using the tag to suggest all sorts of interesting people. It's grown well beyond photographers. Wow - thanks to some amazing people who are helping the Google+ community grow and prosper.

Search for the tag #loveyourwork in the search box and you'll find some great shares.

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