Saturday, 13 July 2013

Extra Photographic Activities - Fire Poi

After seeing many people take on the sport of poi I've taken it up myself. I spin both square poi and snake poi. The reason? Well apart from the obvious photographic benefits in images like this one of me walking across a bridge over a lake while spinning it is a lot of fun. It's even seemingly acceptable ti light up the poi in public, no one seems to care and often stop to watch. This image is a long exposure exposed for the brightness of the fire. I did a test pass then decided how to expose based on the histogram.

While the spinning itself is a bit of a lone thing and doesn't really work all that well in groups, it's a kind of performing art that my fellow photographers just love.

I spent some time last evening with a number of people from Google Plus when +Charles Strebor came down to Melbourne from Darwin for a whirlwind tour before he heads back home on Monday.

Being out with mates and being challenged to perform is a good thing, you really learn fast when you are within millimeters of setting fire to your mustache! I'm still learning the basics but am progressing towards more adventurous things.

I use a range of kevlar poi on chains with swivels and leather finger handles. The fuel I use is Firewater from Juggleart which is a solvent Isopar G. I'll stick with buying it from Juggleart because when I tried to find it in bigger quantities I rang and emailed a lot of chemical suppliers. Spoke with a few who said they'd get back to me then I got a call from the AFP.

Here is a video of one of last nights spins with the Snake Poi .

Here are also a couple of videos of Charles, one spinning ball Poi and one spinning my Snake Poi.

Note: I don't support any poi provider over any other. I used to use Home of Poi a lot but after a really terrible customer service experience where a faulty product was not replaced by them (but was by the manufacturer when I contacted them directly) I won't buy from them anymore.

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