Sunday, 21 February 2016

YouPic - Bleah, its more of a stalker than Linked In

I decided to give a go, this is partly because photo handling on g+ is now so mediocre and Google Photos just isn't there (yet).

Their premise seems really good "YouPic is the place for photography enthusiasts around the world to be inspired, receive recognition and improve their photography." and "Learn photography, get tips, feedback and recognition. Share your experience and get rewarded with massive global exposure."

Seems like a great plan, the trouble is the user experience is fairly poor. The User Interface is fairly snazzy but the photo support isn't awesome which is sad for a photo site. You can certainly share them and albums of sorts.

The way they try to get wide circles of followers up quickly is they have gamified the system. People get points for loving a photo or offering critique. People get eXperience Points when they do things with the images of others. It seemed like a good idea so I put up a selection of images and within minutes started getting some love. I thought this is cool, what a great experience for a new user.

But then the notifications started, within the site notifications are really slow and I really get the impression that people are only loving and critiquing to bring up their own level to increase their own exposure. Its remarkably like the desperate hundred hash tag people who are trying to get the pages I loathe like "Best Top Photographer" to notice them and share their image.

I'm a firm believer in that your following and growth will happen organically if your images are any good and appeal to people. The desperate game isn't for me.

Next come the enticement back to the site emails so that you can do the same for other people. You've got XX new fans waiting for you. Argh! Really!

I've given it a good try. I've found that the critique is without value because it seems unrelated to the image. The comments are simplistic and mostly consist of "I love your image, follow me too". I'm sure the vapid, desperate and insipid will love YouPic but I'm afraid it's not for me and I've deleted my account.