Saturday, 11 May 2013

Melbourne Photowalkers Google+ 2nd Anniversary Photowalk June 29th 2013

The 2nd Anniversary Google+ Photowalk is only about six weeks away now on June 29th. Check out the event and mark it in your calendar. All around the world tens of thousands of photographers in hundreds of cities will take part.

The Melbourne Photowalkers Community are running an event for Melbourne. Register Now on the g+ event.

This is a MPW sanctioned family appropriate event.

The walk being offered is three walks in one so that we can try to accommodate everyone on Saturday.

Come along to the parts as you please in any combination. We'd love to see you at all three.

You don't need to be a Google Plus user to come to this event. You do need to be a Google plus to enter the competitions because we're using the platform to manage the competition entries, judging and announcements.



Peter Michael of Michaels have provided four magnificent prizes totalling $1000 of their amazing photo wall paper
which will be three prizes of $500, $300 and $200 and an exhibition of some of the prints from the walk.


The Astor are providing their wondrous 1930’s art deco magnificence for the start of our walk, for the group photo and for photography in general from 10am through 10.30am.

If you’ve never experienced a film at The Astor Theatre then honestly you have not lived.


Stalwarts of the Melbourne Photowalk Scene who have sponsored every walk for quite a while are again joining us.

I use these guys for my personal printing and I love them. Thanks Rebecca and Andrew.


Marty Yland of Vintech The Camera Service Centre is providing three optical path cleans as prizes worth $165 each.


Nigel Roper of Croydon Camerahouse is providing vouchers for print enlargements.

Parking, Transport and Access

As parking is limited in some of these areas we encourage you to park around the Shrine or in the back streets near the beach where there is loads of all day parking and take public transport to your destination.

ChapelWalk and WeRemember are suitable for wheelchair and other needs access. NightStalkers will be more challenging.

Sponsorship, Competitions and Prizes

We have a series of exciting sponsors and prizes below. There may be some more on the day as possible deals continue to be followed up. Our major sponsors Michaels Camera Video Digital, Dots To Spots, Vintech and Croydon Camera House are all listed below with the details of their offerings.

Competition Terms

  1. You must be present on the leg of the Melbourne photowalk for which you submit image(s). You must include your walker identifier with your submission.
  2. The images must be taken during the walk on 29 June 2013.
  3. The images must be your own work and you must own the rights to them.
  4. Post processing is allowed, but please remember these are primarily a photography competitions not creative art competitions. Altering of size, shape, shade and colour are acceptable.
  5. Simple watermarks are allowed. 
  6. You retain ownership and rights to your images.
  7. You grant MPW and the sponsors permission to use the images in promotion of their brands and services through exhibition of the images on their websites or through physical and electronic media for the period of one year.
  8. For the Michaels competition only you grant that your image(s) may be printed by Michaels and exhibited in the Michaels exhibition space for the period of one month (August to September 2013).
  9. For Michaels only submitted images must be of sufficient size and resolution for quality printing.
  10. You may enter any competition for which you fit the requirements (e.g. youth you must be 25 or under)
  11. You may not enter the same image in more than one of the competitions no matter how you change it.
  12. To avoid swamping our volunteer judges you may enter up to two images per competition.
  13. The competition entrants shall conform to the Australian Photograph Society definitions of plagiarism and ethics
  14. The Australian Photographic Society definitions of Photograph, Monochrome and Colour shall apply


Dots To Spots


Croydon Camera House

Adeal, C.R. Kennedy, Maxwell

Thanks to +Frank Yuwono for oganising these great sponsors to join the walk.

The Walk

Part 1: "#MPWChapelWalk" Windsor to South Yarra 10am to 2pm

Melbourne's most colourful district along and off Chapel.
Start: The Astor Theatre 10am
Finish: South Yarra Railway Station 2pm

Part 2: "#MPWWeRemember" South Yarra to The Shrine 2pm - 5.30pm.

A quiet reflective meander mainly through parks and gardens, Melbourne Observatory and The Shrine. We've secured permission to shoot within the shrine and Melbourne Observatory are in discussions - fingers crossed. Sunset at The Shrine.

Start: South Yarra Railway Station 2pm
Finish: The Shrine of Remembrance 5.30pm

Part 3: "#MPWNightStalkers" Across Albert Park to the Sea 5.30pm onward.

Walking over the top of Albert Park Lake with opportunistic tram motion shots at The Domain Interchange and for night light trails on Kings Way / Queens Road using the pedestrian over bridge and evening beach shots for those that get past the food places. There will be fire spinning of one sort or another on the beach.

Start: The Shrine of Remembrance 5.30pm
Finish: The Beach near Victoria Avenue Late.

Public Transport

There is excellent public transport connectivity around the walk parts. I'll be producing a map showing PT availability and short cuts.


We're not including any particular times or places for food but there are lots of opportunities and details will soon be available. At the end of the last section anyone still around is welcome to join the organisers at a nearby pub for a night cap as we unwind.


This blog post will be updated with more detailed walk information and our sponsors details and their offerings as we approach the date of the walk. Bookmark it and come back often!

Liability and Safety

This is a community run public event. Anyone can come and you are very much responsible for reviewing the materials we publish, verifying their accuracy and completeness for yourself and making your own decisions on safety of you and your gear. We will be out in general inner urban areas during the day and at night.

Event Flyer

If you wish to print a walk flyer and stick it up on notice boards at work or uni or in cafes etc along the route, here is the flyer as a PDF produced by Fran Watson.

The more we get this known the better.

Walk Organising Working Group

+Paul Pavlinovich Overall coordination, chasing sponsors, part 3 walk, generally having fun
+Lady Fran W Chief Graphix Chick and chasing sponsors and keeping Paul organised
+Margaret Wong part 1 and 2 of walk, shrine open building agreement and paperwork
+Nat King Astor open building agreement and local knowledge of part 3 and chasing eateries
+Chris Leighton local knowledge around Windsor / Prahran
+Paul Francis general route points of interest

A number of other people have helped with test walks of the three parts.